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Frontier Alliance International - Nonprofit in Jackson, Wyoming

A Christian nonprofit organization, Frontier Alliance International is dedicated to spreading the word of Jesus Christ in areas that have previously been unreached and unengaged by mission-based Christian groups, "laying foundations where there are none" in the spirit of Romans 15:20. The organization is headquartered in Jackson, Wyoming, and maintains a strong regional presence in the north of Israel. Frontier Alliance International (FAI) is particularly interested in operating within areas of conflict in the Middle East.

Embracing media and technology to reach its fundamental goals, FAI produces feature films through its FAI Studios arm. It shares a broad range of films, short video content, podcasts, books, articles, songs, and other forms of content on its FAI App and FAI Studios App. FAI released its 12th feature-length film in 2022. Titled Days of Noah: A Story of Fathers, Sons, and Consequence, this film, like all other FAI films, is available free of charge through the organization’s official website.

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Frontier Alliance International
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